Europe’s BTC-e Reportedly Stops Accepting Transfers From US Banks

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Problems associated with anonymity may be rearing its head in the worst possible way. Many Bitcoin users applaud the anonymous feature of cryptocurrency. When it comes to having one of the major trading exchanges, BTC-E remain anonymous the applause stops.  As many traders are drawn into the exchange because of its wide market of currencies, and entertaining troll board, chat room, problems are mounting. 

 “Another problem appears to be that BTC-e have stopped accepting dollar transfers or transfers from US banks. As most international wire transfers are denominated in dollars, even paying money from a UK bank account into BTC-e involves changing pounds to dollars with the result that they may never make it through to the intended exchange account.

“As if that wasn’t enough to worry about, some people are reporting that SEPA transfers in euros are not arriving either.” reported in the story; Is Europe’s Second Largest Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Having Banking Issues? on

No longer accepting dollars from US banks may be a good thing, which begs the question, “Why would a U.S citizen wire dollars to an unknown entity in Bulgaria?”


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