Money2020 ‘Bitcoin World’ Brings Bitcoin and Finance Leaders Together

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Money2020, an annual financial innovation summit held in Las Vegas, is adding a bitcoin track to its agenda this year.Titled ‘Bitcoin World at Money2020’, the cryptocurrency portion of the event will feature angel investor Roger Ver, Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam and CEO Nicolas Cary as speakers.The organizers of the conference want Bitcoin World to bring the mainstream financial industry up to speed with cryptocurrencies. Anil D Aggarwal, co-founder of Money2020, told CoinDesk: “We’re going to get 5,000 to 6,000 people. Over 500 CEOs, people from 2,000 companies and 50 countries. We have become the largest event globally for innovations in money.”Aggarwal explained that Money2020 is all about financial technologies, so it seemed a natural step for the conference to start offering a cryptocurrency component.“We are creating Bitcoin World at Money2020 because we’re big believers in cryptocurrencies. We believe in the notion of a decentralized ledger.”Getting banks on boardThe organizers believe Money2020 could provide an excellent networking opportunity for bitcoin-related businesses as well as financial companies.For the most part, bitcoin companies already know one another other well, due to the industry’s nascent nature. As a result, the biggest value for many growing cryptocurrency businesses at Money2020′s event will be to meet more traditional financial players.Banking stands out as a sector that needs to interface with the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry better. Banking and bitcoin are in a precarious position in relation to one another. Aggarwal said: “The individuals that attend from these banks are the individuals that are generally responsible for innovation within the banks and figuring out where they take their organization.”“There’s no doubt they’ve got to at least address this issue of what they do with bitcoin,” he added.Education and contentAggarwal believes that Money2020’s Bitcoin World is going to have to provide very fundamental cryptocurrency education for its attendees. “We think that you need to start at a 101,” he said, regarding getting attendees up to speed on the subject. “We really need to parse through what is bitcoin, what is the right way to evaluate it. We think that the conversation needs to start at that very basic level.”Because the conference is scheduled for November, organizers are taking a cautious approach to what will be relevant for their event at that point in time.

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