Rowan University Finance Professor to Bid on Bitcoins

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Daniel Folkinshteyn, Assistant Professor in the Department of Accounting & Finance at the Rohrer College of Business is on the list of bitcoin bidders for the US Marshall auction slated to begin next week. His fascinating education includes a B.A. in Molecular Biology from Yale University and an M.B.A./M.S., Finance, Temple University

Dr. Folkinshteyn’s teaching interests include corporate finance, financial markets and decision theory. His research interests focus largely on corporate debt, including the determinants of corporate debt structure, factors impacting firm cost of debt and informed trading in public debt markets. He also is interested in alternative currencies, peer-to-peer economic transactions and trust networks. Prior to joining Rowan University in 2011, Daniel taught undergraduate finance at Temple University in Pennsylvania.

via Rowan University – Faculty Center.


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