Digital Currency Crowdfunding Startup “Swarm” Raises Over 450 BTC

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Swarm, a digital currency startup focused on bringing decentralized crowdfunding to the masses, has raised a little over 450 Bitcoins for themselves in the past two weeks after posting their initial announcement to Follow The Coin.

Swarm, founded by Joel Dietz, and Harvard and Brown grads, as well as ex Microsoft , LinkedIn, and NWA employees, is based in Silicon Valley, the tech center of the world. Their mission is to take the blockchain technology from Bitcoin and use it to create a new and innovative way for organizations to raise capital from the public.

Swarm is currently in the process of closing their private pre-sale, their goal being 500 Bitcoins. They are more than 90% of the way right now, so if you want to invest I encourage you to reach out to the Swarm team pronto at

Swarm’s initial investors includes over 60 individuals, some of which you have probably heard of. Core devs and early contributors to Counterparty, Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum), and David Johnson of the DApps fund and Bitangels.

If you invest in Swarm directly, you also get a small amount of “shares” in all future fundraisers done on Swarm. This could potentially be incredibly lucrative. Only time will tell.

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