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  • Meet "Pine," the Bitcoin Philanthropist Who Set Up the $85 Million Pineapple Fund
    Yesterday, one post set the Bitcoin subreddit on fire: An anonymous Bitcoiner who goes by the name of “Pine” announced that they are establishing the Pineapple Fund to donate 5,057 BTC, worth about $86 million at today’s exchange rate, to charitable causes.“I’m very happy that I have held on to most of my bitcoins until […]
  • Garzik Forks UnitedBitcoin Away from "Maximalists" to Support Altcoin Communities
    A new project called UnitedBitcoin (warning: the site autoplays audio) promises to add smart contract features using the UTXO model, support for the lightning network and SegWit, and eight-megabyte blocks. Headed up by Jeff Garzik, the lead developer behind the failed SegWit2x hard fork, along with Matthew Roszak and SongXiu Hua, this UnitedBitcoin (UB) hard […]

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When: June 20th, 2014
What: Bitcoin in the Beltway
Where: Washington, DC

When: July 19-20, 2014
What: GLC Bitcoin
Where: Chicago, IL

When: September 29th, 2014
What: bitcoin4biz Payment Summit 2014
Where: Seattle, WA

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